Addressable Wall Sounder IP

General features

The FC445SR is a red, outdoor, loop powered, addressable wall sounder. This IP rated version is suitable either outdoor or harsh environment applications.

Item code/ name:

576.440.005 / FC445SR Addressable Wall Sounder IP

Addressable sounder VAD bases

General features

  • A compact and discrete solution
  • VAD approved to EN54-23 with two ranges, standard power and high power available
  • High Power option provides a larger VAD coverage volume compared to Standard
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM)
  • Reflective Light Monitoring (RLM)
  • Self-test (**)
  • Shorter Light Pulse for faster response
  • Optimise the system design for lowest power requirements and lowest cost installation
  • Triple light source
  • One point of installation for detector, sounder and visual indicator with no additional wiring
  • Independent addressable control of the sounder and beacon
  • Built-in line isolator
  • Select the tone, volume and flash rate using panel configuration software
  • 15 selectable tones. Allows users to select the tone with which they are most familiar.
  • Realistic Conventional Bell Tone
  • 2 selectable volumes
  • 2 selectable flash rates
  • Different tones can be used for fire alarm and class change
  • VADs and sounders are synchronised over the entire loop
  • A locking pin supplied with the base which prevents the unauthorized removal of the detector
  • Provides an EN54-23 approved upgrade path for legacy systems

Mini Input Module

The FC410MIM Mini Input module is designed to monitor fire contacts, such as extinguishing system control, ventilation control, fire door control etc. The module provides one identifiable detection spur which is capable of monitoring multiple normally open contacts or a single normally closed contact. The FC410MIM can be mounted in any electrical enclosure with sufficient depth to accommodate FC410MIM and the contacts monitored by the IN+ and IN- terminals, ie, no field wiring.The remote LED (if required, not supplied) must be located within the same electrical enclosure.

Item code/ name:

555.800.701 / FC410MIM

Contact Input Module

The FC410CIM Addressable Contact Input Module is designed to monitor fire contacts such as extinguishing system control, ventilation control, fire door control etc. The FC410CIM can be configured as: Two spur circuits monitoring multiple normally open contacts, with short circuit giving a fault output. Two spur circuits monitoring single normally closed contacts, with short circuit giving a fault output.

Item code/ name:

555.800.702 / FC410CIMr

Gas & Detection Module Indoor

The FC410DDM provides the ability to connect and interface 2 conventional zones, to the ireClass fire alarm controller. The FC410DDM monitors the status of the detectors and the wiring to the detectors and signals detector and wiring status back to the controller. The conventional detector circuits can be configured as one Class A circuit (loop) or two Class B spur circuits. The C410DDM can be either loop powered or driven from a local 24Vdc supply. It also provides the ability to connect 2 gas detectors (supported by FC500 series panels only).

Item code/ name:

577.800.706 / FC410DDM

Detector Input Module

The Addressable FC410DIM provides the ability to connect and Interface one zone of conventional detectors (non-addressable) to the Fire Alarm Controller. The FC410DIM monitors the status of detectors and wiring to detectors and signals detector and wiring status back to the Controller. The FC410DIM requires a 24Vdc power supply.

Item code/ name:

555.800.712 / FC410DIM

Relay Interface Module

The FC410RIM Relay Interface Module provides one voltfree relay changeover contact on a latching relay. The relay is controlled by a command sent from the FireClass fire controller via the addressable loop

Item code/ name:

568.800.703 / FC410RIM

Beam Detector Interface Module

The FC410BDM Beam Detector Interface Module is designed to power and interface one FIRERAY 50/100/3000/5000 Beam Detector to the FireClass Digital Addressable Loop. The FC410BDM monitors the Fire and Fault contacts and also monitors for open and short circuits on the connections between the interface and the beam detector. For remote siting of the FIRERAY detector an optional BTM800 Terminal Module can be used.

Item code/ name:

555.800.766 / FC410BDM

Sounder Notification Module

The FC410SNM Sounder Notification Module is designed to provide an output, in response to a command signaled from a controller, to activate a number of polarized and suppressed sounders. The sounders are powered from an independent power supply and the module is capable of passing up to a maximum of 2A (e.g., 24V dc 50mA company sounders or a mixture of different current rated sounders not exceeding a maximum current of 2A).

Item code/ name:

577.800.705 / FC410SNM

Beam Detector Module

In many cases it will be necessary to site the FC410BDM Beam Detector Module some distance from the beam detector itself. To minimize and simplify wiring in such cases an optional unit, the BTM800 beam termination module is available. The BTM800 is also housed in a standard double gang ancillary cover and has all the connections and components required to minimize installation time.

Item code/ name:

555.800.067 / BTM800

Sounder Booster Module

The SB520 sounder booster module enables the FC410SNM to drive circuits with higher currents whilst maintaining the reverse polarity integrity line monitoring. It is non-addressable and requires a local 24 V DC supply to drive a single circuit of polarized and suppressed sounders.

Item code/ name:

577.001.023 / SB520

High Voltage Relay Interface

The HVR800 High Voltage Relay Interface is a nonaddressable multi-voltage relay module (operating from 24V DC, 24V AC, 120V AC and 240V AC). The encapsulated HVR800 provides a 10 amp volt-free contact that can be used to extend the contact ratings of FC410RIM Addressable Relay Module applications.

Item code/ name:

568.800.004 / HVR800
568.800.034 / HVR800 in isolated D800 housing

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