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ECS by honeywell

ECS by honeywell

  • Designed to protect electrical enclosures/circuitry, Honeywell’s comprehensive, pre-engineered ECS system reduces the risk of electrical fires, and prevents potential devastation to business and property. Not only does it protect business assets, it also prevents downtime and ensures business continuity. Perfect for ‘microenvironments’ where fire hazards are likely to be in the enclosed space, it leaves out no residue behind which eliminates the need for an extensive area clean up.
  • Minimises even the most critical electrical fire risks including short circuits, overloading, overheating, electrical surges, etc.
  • Full automatic operation – no human intervention required
  • Can be installed directly inside electrical cabinets, closer to where fires usually start
  • UL-listed clean agent and heat detection tube for quick fire suppression
  • Optional dual-valve outlet: reliable, affordable protection even for large-sized cabinets
  • Leaves no dirty residue or unpleasant odour
  • Environment-friendly operation
  • Available in 3 sizes from 2.5lbs to 10lb

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