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Kentec - Gas Release Panel


Sigma A-XT Releasing Panel

Sigma A-XT releasing panel offers outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed firefighting installations.
With three initiation circuits as standard, release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) any two from three types of activations.
For example, as would be required for detection in ceiling void, room and floor void applications. The configuration options of the Sigma A-XT allow the functionality of the system to be extensively modified.
The panel contains a large LED display to enable easy configuration and control which also displays the time remaining TM until release for added user safety.

Sigma A-SI

The Sigma A-Si range of status indicators provides detailed status information for Sigma A-XT releasing control equipment.
All models provide high brightness, LED indication of Manual Only, Automatic and Manual, Abort Operated, Disabled, Imminent and Released conditions. Models are also available with zonal fire indicators and a common trouble indicator.
For systems where local control of the Automatic/ Manual mode and or a Manual extinguishant release control are required, units are available with these controls fitted.
All models have supervised inputs for the remote connection of Automatic/Manual mode and abort switches.

Sigma A-XT Disablement Switch

Key removable in either position
Both sides of solenoid circuit are mechanically disabled during activation
Disablement illuminated at panel when active

Sigma A-XT Extinguishant Abort Switch

The Sigma A-XT Abort Switch connects to the Abort terminals of the Sigma A-XT releasing panel. Any number of Sigma A-Si Abort Switches may be connected to the circuit.
The last switch must have the end-of-line device from the Abort circuit terminals of the Sigma A-XT releasing panel fitted across its connections to provide open and short
circuit supervision.
The unit is supplied mounted to a steel enclosure but may also be flush mounted to a single gang electrical box.

Sigma A-XT Ancillary PCB

The Sigma A-XT Ancillary Board is compatible with all Sigma A-XT control panels. The board provides volt-free, normally-open contacts, enabling control of sub-systems and plant remotely from the main panel over a two-wire data bus.
Ancillary boards require only a two-core data cable from the main control panel and a two-core power cable from the main panel.
Up to seven Ancillary boards can be connected to a control panel and each is allocated an address from one to seven using a binary coded DIL switch.
A mixture of status units and Ancillary boards, up to a maximum of seven of each type, can be connected to the serial data bus.

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