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Indirect Release Systems

Once the tubing detects the fire, it ruptures, resulting in a drop of pressure causing the indirect valve to activate. The valve diverts flow from the detection tube to the larger outlet ports. When the fire suppression system kicks in, a suppressing agent is discharged from the cylinder through the diffuser nozzles, flooding the area while effectively suppressing the fire quickly and thoroughly. An indirect release system is typically used in larger areas that require a high volume of extinguishing agents to suppress the fire effectively.

Direct Release Systems

During a fire, the portion of the tube nearest the point where the most heat is detected ruptures, forming a spray nozzle. the pressure decreases as the tubing releases fire suppression chemical from the cylinder through the spray nozzle (burst hole) to effectively suppress the fire. A direct release system can be installed to protect multiple enclosures using a single cylinder by routing additional tubing to each enclosed space.

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