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Thermocable ProH20


When water comes into contact with the detection cable a control unit can detect changes in the electrical characteristics of the cable and signal an alarm or other action. The sensor cable is available in pre-terminated lengths for simple assembly and extension. Non-sensing pre-terminated lengths are also available when the cable is to pass through areas which do not require protection.


The ProH2O Professional module is a water leak detection system for use in conjunction with ProH2O Water Leak Detection cable. It incorporates integrated alarm location which will automatically determine the distance along the length of cable to the water leak. The module is designed for simple and straightforward installation and operation. The ProH2O Professional module may be used as a standalone system or integrated with an addressable/ conventional fire alarm or building management system. In each case the ProH2O Professional module will continuously monitor from 30m (100ft) to 305m (1000ft) of ProH2O Water Leak Detection Cable for a water leak or fault condition (such as a break in the detection cable).


The ProH2O Module unit is compatible with any addressable zone monitor and fire alarm control panel to enhance a conventional system with water leak detection. The unit houses a low-power circuit which continuously monitors the attached detection cable for leaks and faults along its entire length. The presence of water between the two conductive cores triggers the alarm relay and subsequently the addressable module or fire alarm control panel. A break in the detection cores or power loss to the module will trigger the fault circuit triggering a trouble signal on the addressable module or fire alarm control panel.

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