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Heat Sensors Model 4098-9733

TrueAlarm addressable heat sensors provide rate-compensated, fixed-temperature sensing, selectable with or without rate-of-rise temperature sensing. Due to its small thermal mass, the sensor accurately and quickly measures the local temperature for analysis at the control panel. Rate-of-rise temperature detection is selectable at the control panel. Fixed temperature sensing is independent of rate-of-rise sensing.

Multi-Sensor Devices Model 4098-9754

TrueAlarm Multi-Sensor Devices combine the established performances of a TrueAlarm photoelectric smoke sensor with a TrueAlarm thermal sensor to provide both features in a single sensor/base assembly. Smoke and thermal activity are correlated to provide intelligent fire detection earlier than either activity alone.

Sounder bases Model 4098-9794

Designed to meet NFPA low-frequency signaling requirements for unattended sleeping areas, the TrueAlarm 520Hz Sounder Base is a perfect solution for hospitality, education, and multi-occupancy residential applications. It offers an efficient, cost effective way to upgrade existing systems to NFPA compliance with minimal disruption.

Isolator Base Model 4098-9793

The 4098-9793 IDNet Communications Isolator Base provides Simplex TrueAlarm analog sensor operation and also provides IDNet communications isolation to improve installation convenience and increase system integrity. Isolation is automatically activated at the base when an output short circuit is detected and isolation can also be selected per base manually from the control panel to assist with troubleshooting wiring problems.

CO Sensor Base Model 4098-9770 / 4098-9771

The CO Sensor Base is the ideal solution for detecting toxic CO gases in critical areas, such as residential properties, dormitories, hotels, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. The CO sensor base has a replaceable CO element that can either work independently as a toxic gas detector or be combined with a photo or heat sensor to provide a method to reduce unnecessary alarms from common sources such as steam from showers, aerosols from personal care products, cooking materials, dust, and exhaust fumes.

The CO sensor base does not require a separate device to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. An smoke or heat sensor can plug into the base with the CO sensor element, saving mounting space as well as installation costs compared to using two independent units.

Duct Detectors Model 4098-9755 / 4098-9756

Air-sampling smoke detectors are designed to detect smoke in challenging duct applications, as well as restricted areas, such as elevator shafts, electrical equipment rooms, hospital MRI rooms, and correctional facilities.

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Beam Detectors Model 4098-9019 / 4098-9020

Beam Detectors are used to provide open-area smoke detection in situations where it is either impractical or not cost-effective to use traditional point-type detectors or aspirating smoke detection. Some common applications include warehouses, atriums, convention centers, shopping malls, and sports arenas.

The Addressable Beam Detector provides enhanced command, control, configuration and status/event reporting between the detector and the fire alarm control panel. Configuration, installation, diagnostics, service, and maintenance are simple and fast, saving time and money for contractors, installers, and building owners. It is compatible with 4100ES and 4010ES fire alarm control panels.

IDNet Communicating Devices Addressable Manual Stations

The Simplex addressable manual station combines the familiar Simplex manual station housing with a compact communication module that is easily installed to satisfy demanding applications. Its integral individual addressable module (IAM) constantly monitors status and communicates changes to the connected control panel via IDNet or MAPNET II communications wiring.

networking & truesite workstation

4100ES Network Display Units with SPS Power Supplies for 4120 Network

NDU provides annunciation for up to 12,000 network points: • The basic Network Display Unit (NDU) is a special purpose master controller for 4120 networks that includes a 4120 modular network interface card • Combining a basic NDU with a Voice Command Center (VCC) provides an additional separate Network node within the same cabinet for control of Network level Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications Equipment.

4100ES Network Display Units with Voice Command Center and EPS Power Supplies for 4120 Network

NDU provides annunciation for up to 12,000 network points: • The basic Network Display Unit (NDU) is a special purpose master controller that includes a 4120 modular network interface card • An NDU with a Voice Command Center (VCC) mounted in the same cabinet provides an additional separate Network node within the same cabinet for control of Network level Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications Equipment.

simplex truesite incident commander

Based on TrueSite Workstation’s proven software platform, TrueSite Incident Commander provides all the software features of the TrueSite Workstation in a space-efficient all-in-one PC platform that can mount on a wall or inside a Simplex 4100ES cabinet. When installed in the 4100ES cabinet, the Incident Commander is powered from the 4100ES UL864 Power Supply and Secondary Batteries, eliminating the expense of high-cost Fire Alarm Listed UPS back-up power supplies traditionally used with desktop management consoles. Monitor and control up to 50,000 devices, Support seven network loops and as many as 686 panels, Monitor any brand of control panel using agency listed digital alarm communicators, Store historical data for up to 500,000 events & Graphically display information and events on a campus-wide site map and individual building floor plans.

Simplex ES Net IP-Based Life Safety Network

​ES Net is a high bandwidth (100 Mbps) TCP/IP based fire alarm network that supports up to 99 nodes and uses industry standard network technology and infrastructure for greater design and installation flexibility. ES Net IP networking technology unlocks powerful benefits for life safety systems. Faster data rates and a wide range of wiring media choices provides greater efficiency in installation, operation and maintenance. And because IP is a standard, proven technology, as it continues to evolve over time, so will ES Net, making your life safety network more resilient and future-proof. ES Net is supported on 4100ES and 4010ES series fire alarm control units; 4100ES Network display units (NDU) and 4190 series TrueSite Workstations and Incident Commanders.

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