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fire detection & alarm system

Fire Alarm Ethernet Switches

Provides a dedicated Fire Alarm local area network (LAN) for connection of a TrueSite workstation server to remote clients:Fire Alarm Ethernet Switches provide up to eight wired Ethernet connections with individual earth fault supervision, Wired Ethernet cable distance of up to 328 ft (100 m), Fire Alarm Ethernet Switches can be interconnected to extend connection capacity and/or distance using either Ethernet wired ports or fiber optic ports, Fiber optic cable switch connections provides a distance of up to 1.24 miles (2 km) for multimode fiber, and up to 15 km for single-mode.

TrueSite Workstation

Enabling centralized control and timely response
A PC-based graphical command center that runs on MS Windows, the TrueSite workstation is capable of monitoring and controlling up to 100,000 devices. As a node on the fire detection network, it provides true peer-to-peer linkage with all panels on the network, helping to continue operations even in an event that cripples other parts of the network.

When fire strikes, its high-resolution graphical display shows the locations of events on both a campus-wide map and individual building floor plans. And it keeps detailed records, storing historical data for up to 500,000 events.

SafeLINC Internet Interface

The SafeLINC Internet Interface is an innovative web-based eServices solution from Simplex that provides real time notification of fire alarm system activity and secure access to the fire alarm control panel for mobile and remote users. With the SafeLINC (Safe Live Interactive Network Communications) interface you can add supplemental annunciation and monitoring capabilities to personal computers, tablets and mobile phones. This allows you to deliver information to members of your team designated to respond to an alarm or trouble condition via the internet. SafeLINC also provides secure remote access to the fire alarm panel for authorized users.

Third part communication device

BACnet building automation communication protocol Model 4100-6069 / 4100-6110 / 4100-6111 / 4010-9915

The BACpac Ethernet module provides a supplementary communications interface that converts computer terminal information from a compatible Simplex fire alarm control panel into the building automation protocol of BACnet. With this module, status information from the fire alarm control panel can be provided to other components of the building automation network with the detail and information format required.

Modbus Interface Model 557.202.508 / 557.202.509

The 4100MB provides a Modbus interface to a standalone 4100ES panel or a number of panels on a 4100ES network. The 4100ES panel can send up to 24,000 network points, or conditions (alarm, fault, etc.) to the Modbus Masters.

repeater panels

4606-9101 LCD Annunciator for 4006 Fire Alarm Control Panels

4606 Series Color Touchscreen LCD Annunciators for 4007ES Fire Alarm Control Panels 4.3” (109 mm) diagonal color touchscreen display, Provides the display features of the 4007ES fire alarm control panel at a remote location, Convenient and intuitive user interface provides detailed system status and individual point information, LED status indicators include Alarm, Priority 2, Supervisory, Trouble, Alarm Silenced, and Status of AC Power at the control panel.

4606-9102 LCD Annunciator for 4010ES Fire Alarm Control Panels

Two lines of 40 characters each, Wide viewing angle, super-twist design & LED backlighting

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4010ES InfoAlarm Command Center

“Activity in System” primary display choices include: First and Most Recent, First 5 and Most Recent, First 8, Site Plan with activity status icons, General Alarm, or Direct to List; selectable individually by event type , System reports are easily viewed; logs can be read with minimal scrolling required.

4603-9101 LCD Annunciator for 4100ES Fire Alarm Control Panels

Repeated operation of the appropriate acknowledge switch will scroll the LCD display showing activity in the sequence of occurrence. The tone-alert also pulses to indicate the operation of any of the push-button switches.

4100ES InfoAlarm Command Center

“Activity in System” primary display choices include: First and Most Recent, First 5 and Most Recent, First 8, Site Plan with activity status icons, General Alarm, or Direct to List; selectable individually by event type , System reports are easily viewed; logs can be read with minimal scrolling required

602 Series SCU (Status Command Units) and RCU (Remote Command Units) Compatible with Simplex® 4005, 4010ES, 4100ES, and 4100U series fire alarm control panels

Supervised RUI (remote unit interface) communications require a single, twisted, shielded wire pair to the fire alarm control panel (power is supplied via a second wire pair) , Red zone status LEDs are provided with preprinted zone numbers or can be individually labeled as desired , LEDs are pluggable for color changing or replacement; on-board internal pushbutton switch provides LED test.


IDNet Communicating Devices IAM Model 4090-9001

Individual addressable modules (IAMs) receive both power and communications from a two-wire MAPNET II or IDNet circuit. They provide location specific addressability to a single initiating device (such as single station smoke detector alarm contacts or heat detector contacts) or multiple devices at the same location by monitoring normally open dry contacts and the wiring to an end-of-line resistor.

IDNet Communicating Devices Relay IAM Model 4090-9002

IDNet Relay IAMs allow fire alarm control panels to control a remotely located Form “C” contact using IDNet addressable communications for both data and module power. Typical applications would be for switching local power for control functions such as elevator capture, or control of HVAC components, pressurization fans, dampers, etc. Relay status is also communicated requiring only one device address

IDNet or MAPNET II Communicating Devices Zone Adapter Modules 4090-9101 and 4090-9106.

IDNet/MAPNET II Monitor ZAMs allow a single addressable point to monitor a conventional initiating device circuit (IDC) populated with 2-wire or 4-wire initiating devices. Refer to page two for compatible devices.

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